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About AquaTeq - Sewer Nozzles and Cutters
With the AquaTeq Sewer Nozzles and Cutters, you will be able to clean your sewers better, faster and use less fuel.

When it comes to cleaning technology, everything starts with the nozzle. The nozzle does all the work. Historically little attention has been paid to nozzle design and performance. In conventional nozzles water hits the front and then is forced out the rear. This results in undisciplined, weak, and poorly defined water stream that quickly turns into mist very close to the nozzle.

All AquaTeq nozzles have a design precisely balancing pump flow and pressure by looping it around a patented system of conduits. This results in a disciplined, well defined and powerful water stream that stays together longer and farther behind the nozzle. AquaTeq have developed a wide series of Nozzles, each of them developed for a certain purpose to offer you the best solution to your cleaning task.


The Jaws® and Hammerhead nozzle water speed is increased by “looping” it around a patented system of individual conduits. This results in disciplined, well defined and powerful water streams that stays together longer and farther behind the nozzle. The water stream angle, the jet and the jet sizes are scientifically designed for optimum thrusting and cleaning efficiency.

The Jaws® nozzles have set a new standard that all other nozzles are measured by, cutting overall operating costs and increase efficiency.


BL Missile is the obvious complement to the Jaws nozzle. When you need a nozzle with optimal pull and thrusting power but with a design preventing the nozzle from getting stuck, the BL Missile should be used. BL Missile is supplied with one penetrating forward jet and to give maximum service lifetime, it is also supplied with a replaceable wear body.

Used in 8-24" sanitary and storm sewers. Suitable also for recycling water.


BL SWIPER is a new patented sewer nozzle developed for cleaning sewers and storm water pipes in a cost-effective and resource saving manner (both money and environment).

Tests performed with the BL SWIPER™ has been determined that the flow rate can almost be cut in half, compared with normal flow needs.

Used primarily in 8-20" sanitary sewers.


The C-Ray series is the most effective bottom cleaner on the market by increasing the water speed with ”looping” the water around a patented system of individual conduits. The angle of the water stream, the jet and the jet sizes are designed for optimum pull and cleaning power. The water streams are directed towards the bottom of the pipe for optimum debris moving.

Used as bottom cleaner in 8-16" sanitary and storm sewer.


The Spinner series are developed for a flexible and effective removal of grease, smoother deposits, smaller roots etc. They have thrusting jets that are changeable according to your specifications, together with rotating adaptable propulsion 90° and 45° jets

Used in 3-12" (½" version) or 4-16" (1" version) kitchen and sanitary sewers, mainly for grease and deposits.


The NATAB series is the predecessor to the Jaws® and Hammerhead™. NATAB™ has water bearing walls to ensure smooth water streams with less turbulence. By this construction the waters energy is kept until it becomes useful for cleaning the pipes. NATAB™ is about twice as effective as conventional nozzles with drilled interior.

For sewerage cleaning, to move material and remove for ex. grease etc. Suitable also for recycling water.

Global & Global MultiTM

The Global nozzles are the very day nozzles. The nozzles have a simple but effective flow design with the nozzle threaded to the top for less turbulence in the head of the nozzle. This results in, with the jet angles, good thrusting and debris moving power.

Used primarily in 2-16" kitchen and sanitary sewers.


The Lumberjack cutters remove roots and other common obstructions in sanitary and storm sewer pipes. The Lumberjack is a high speed (up to 50 000 rpm), low torque multi purpose cutter. The rotation of the Lumberjack is powered by the water pressure supplied by a common sewer cleaning jetter truck. Although it is designed to cut roots, many use it for cutting concrete, grease, mineral and chemical deposits, tuberculate and protruding laterals.

The Lumberjack series operates in pipe sizes from 3” up to 48”.


The flushing / jetting hose can easily be damaged by sharp and rough edges. The AquaTeq Hose savers, TIGER TAIL, HOSE-FLEX and TOP-ROLLER, will reduce wear and make the work easier for the operator. Click on the names of the accessories for more information.

Used primarily in 2-16" kitchen and sanitary sewers.

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