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The right flow of water thorugh the UV chamber

S.I.T.A. Srl (Societa' Italiana Trattamento Acque), is a company with almost 30 years of experience in themanufacturing of UV DISINFECTION units stainless steel filter housings.

Our range of UV sterilizers is able to satisfy all the exigencies of flow-rate (standard included between 5 l/m and 1.400 m3/h) and of construction. The most common applications for S.I.T.A. are the treatment of primary waters, the disinfection in swimming pools, applications with sea water, hot water, water-culture, systems for alimentary and pharmaceutical use, waste water with closed chambers, reduction of ozone.

The lamps used are all of European production and are of three kinds: low pressure, low pressure amalgam and medium pressure.

Our range of filters is able to hold from 3 to 80 cartridges in a one container. Also for these systems S.I.T.A. works in close contact with its customers for the construction of systems which are more and more suitable to particular exigencies.

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